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Benefits of Transition to HD Media

Lianne McNally

Award-winning writer, producer, and director Lianne McNally has been involved with a wide range of film projects. Lianne McNally has worked with both modern and traditional film and video equipment. Even old media can benefit from the transition to high-definition (HD) and 4K resolutions. The original 8mm or 16mm film masters offer a higher resolution than standard definition (SD) video, so HD remasters will benefit from a significant jump in overall picture quality. The change in film restoration and film transfer processes as a result of the transition to higher-resolution media, however, does not stop there. The aspect ratio of HD is natively widescreen, rather than the 4:3 ratio used by older screens. Most films feature a widescreen aspect ratio, meaning HD conversions of film will retain more of the original image. This change helps those interested in archiving and preserving films, as during the early days of film transfer, the more square SD video would lose components of the original film.

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